Introducing large scale multi axis
3D printing IN METAL at Fabricate 2014




Is a work in process project that aims to create an affordable multiple axis 3D printing tool available for consumers and proffesional workshops around the world. After developing our MX3D-resin printer last year we again used an industrial robot, but now together with an advanced welding machine we are able to print with metals, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze or copper without the need for support-structures. By adding small amounts of molten metal at a time, we are able to print lines in mid air. The combination robot/welding is driven by different types of software that work closely together. This will eventually have to end up in a user friendly interface that allows the user to print directly from CAD. We are developing printing strategies for the different kinds of 3D printable 'lines'. For instance, vertical ,horizontal or spiraling lines require different settings, such as pulse time, pause-time, layer height or tool orientation. All this information is being incorporated in the software.

3D printing like this is still unexplored territory and leads to a new form language that is not bound by additive layers. Lines can be printed in that intersect in order to create a self supporting structure. This method makes it possible to create 3D objects on any given working surface independently of its inclination and smoothness in almost any size and shape.

See also MX3D_RESIN



Our Amsterdam based lab is an experimental playground that tinkers with engineers and craftsmen on the many new possebilities of emerging technology in the field of art and design.

Over the years our lab has worked together with many inspiring people in the field of digital fabrication and computational design. We work with professionals and students from institutes like MIT, IAAC, ETH and the Architectural association on developing new concepts for the digital fabrication revolution.

For some time now we have two research positions at our lab for pure experimentation with digital fabrication under our supervision and with the help of craftsmen and software and robotic engineers. Our work is being supported by 3D design software leader Autodesk, who will help us bring this and other inspiring projects to a higher level.

MX3D is the result of a research initiated by JORIS LAARMAN LAB, in collaboration with ACOTECH and HAL robot programming and control and is supported by AUTODESK.

Project team:
Joris Laarman
Filippo Gilardi
Tim Geurtjens
Corné Henselmans

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