A radically new 3d
printing method




A new method of additive manufacturing. This method makes it possible to create 3D objects on any given working surface independently of its inclination and smoothness, and without a need of additional support structures. Conventional methods of additive manufacturing have been affected both by gravity and printing environment: creation of 3D objects on irregular, or non-horizontal surfaces has so far been treated as impossible. By using innovative extrusion technology and super fast curing resin we are now able to neutralize the effect of gravity during the course of the printing process. This method gives us a flexibility to create organic shaped objects by making 3D curves instead of 2D layers. Unlike 2D layers that are ignorant to the structure of the object, the 3D curves can follow exact stress lines of a custom shape. Finally, our new out of the box printing method can help manufacture structures of almost any size and shape.

MX3D_resin is the result of a research initiated by JORIS LAARMAN LAB, in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC). 

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Our Amsterdam based lab is an experimental playground that tinkers with engineers and craftsmen on the many new possebilities of emerging technology in the field of art and design.

Over the years our lab has worked together with many inspiring people in the field of digital fabrication and computational design. We work with professionals and students from institutes like MIT, IAAC, ETH and the Architectural association on developing new concepts for the digital fabrication revolution.

For some time now we have two research positions at our lab for pure experimentation with digital fabrication under our supervision and with the help of craftsmen and software and robotic engineers. Since recently our work is being supported by Autodesk, who will help us bring this and other inspiring projects to a higher level.

MX3D is the result of a research initiated by JORIS LAARMAN LAB, in collaboration with IAAC and is supported by AUTODESK.

Project team:
Joris Laarman
Tim Geurtjens
Sasa Jokic
Petr Novikov

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