Adaptation Chair (2014)

The third chair in the Microstructures series was called the Long Cell Chair or Adaptation Chair. The chair was composed of vertical long cells that started at the bottom like legs and transformed their geometry to serve the needs of different areas in the chair. The legs branch out into smaller legs and these branch out into legs that hold the support structure and on top of the support structure is the seat structure. First a substrate of polyamide is 3D printed using a large SLS machine, after which the parts are assembled by welding them together. The substrate is then coated with a conductive material and is electroformed. The substrate can be disposed of and copper is used to give the object its structural strength.

The Adaptation chair is part of the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum, USA and Centre Pompidou, FR.

(photocredits: Glen Taylor Jackson, Adriaan de Groot & JL)