Gradient Screen (2017)

This experimental sculptural work, produced by MX3D,  is a collection of sculptural screens in varying sizes, geometries and materials. Even multi-material gradients from bronze to steel are in the planning. The computational generated esthetics of the screens are not just pleasing for the eye but are also pushing the boundaries of our technology. 3d printing on this scale is unexplored territory so we are learning as we develop new sculptural work. For every new form language a specific strategy is developed resulting in large a library of strategies that will become self learning in the near future. After the Butterfly Screen – the second screen we robotic printed represents a piece of the MX3D Bridge that will be installed over a canal in Amsterdam. The design of the screen was derived from the same algorithm used to design the MX3D Bridge. .

(photocredit: JL, Olivier de Gruijter)